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Prenatal Yoga Center | Why This Baby Is Breech

19 Jun Why This Baby Is Breech What do you do when you’ve prepared for your birth to unfold in a certain direction only to find out you are one of the 1 in approximately 25 people carrying a breech baby? In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with Spinning …

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5 reasons Why You Need To Digital Detox Your Life Now

Posted at 16:26h in Yoga, Community, Blog, Health by Bettina What’s the first thing you reach for when you wake up in the morning? How many times do you pick up your phone and almost mindlessly scrolling through your social feeds? Are you checking your emails while sitting on the …

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Practice Sama Vritti Pranayama Anywhere

What does it mean to practice yoga? And what is yoga exactly? Is it only the poses and shapes we create with our bodies on a mat? Or are there other lesser discussed ways to deepen our practice and help us rise above the overwhelm of life’s challenges and demands? …

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Introducing a more personalized experience on Glo – Glo

Thousands of years ago, yoga, meditation, and other wellness practices were passed down through an individual, teacher-to-student relationship. A teacher would get to know the student’s goals and challenges, and assign specific practices to bring them into balance. Since every student was so different, the teacher understood that the movement, …

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Low-Key Tips for a Healthy Cleanse Without the Extremes

Cleanse: a buzzword we hear often. From juice cleanses, liver cleanses, three-day cleanses – there are so many forms of cleanses out there it can be overwhelming. How do you know which cleanse to do, and which cleanses are a safe, viable option that’s right for you? While it might …

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Homemade Detox Cider + Kauffman’s Cider

Homemade Detox Cider + Kauffman’s Cider Here are two cider treats to try… From time to time, I pour samples of Kauffman’s Apple Cider (appended below) after class. Here is something I just came across that looks like a wonderful home recipe – one which I shall try soon…perhaps you’d …

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