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Why you should be adding turmeric daily to your life

Posted at 09:57h in Health, Blog by Katie Fowler Written by Sofia Poggi Walking the path of a yogi is all about reigniting that connection within yourself and to your body. Part of that includes learning how looking after your mind, body and soul: our physical health, our mindset, where …

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How to tell that you have reached the point of burn out

Written by Sofia Poggi Burn-out is a relatively new term, describing the state that can occur when experiencing prolonged levels of stress in your life. In our current culture, it’s not uncommon to experience this phenomenon. In fact, it’s so common that sometimes many people are unaware that they are even experiencing burn-out.   …

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How To Cue A Yoga Pose

When you’re just beginning to teach, trying to figure out what to cue in a yoga pose can be overwhelming! Sure, you obviously have to get people into the “shape” of the pose, but then what? Here are three things to think about when you are cueing a yoga pose …

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10 Ways to Maximize Your Learning Experience in Yoga

Whether you’re just getting started in yoga and attending your first class or you’re a seasoned veteran, maximizing your learning experience is a critical element to any practice. In fact, your expectations of a great yoga teacher should be matched with defining expectations of how you’re going to show up …

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Avocados Gone Bad? Make These DIY Face Masks Instead

Timing when to slice open an avocado is a tough task. Too early and you’ll be eating tasteless chalk; too late and you’ll be stuck with putrid mush. So what do we do when those avocados we spent a fortune on have gone bad? No definitely not chuck them out, …

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The Best Free Yoga Videos for March 2019 • Yoga Basics

Online Yoga Resource and News

March is a time for awakening. It’s a pivotal period between seasons; a time for rebirth and renewal and to welcome the warmer months ahead. For this month’s roundup, we chose yoga videos that encourage us to reset and get a fresh start. Each of these unique practices, from core-awakening …

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15 Hilariously Relatable Mercury Retrograde Memes

Mercury retrograde strikes again and creates a hot mess for everyone involved! Mercury retrograde is easily the most feared transit in our skies, but it’s also the most common. Happening three to four times a year for about three weeks at a time, Mercury appears to be moving backwards in …

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A Nutritionist’s Take On the Keto Diet and Its Risks

Eating butter, bacon, and heavy cream might sound like a dream diet to some. And that’s exactly what’s promised with the Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet). Followers of a Ketogenic Diet seek out high-fat, low-carb food choices to sustain their energy. But is this diet really all it’s cracked up to …

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