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Yoga Flow on the Frozen Lake Baikal (Gorgeous Yoga Video)

By YogiApproved | May 18, 2019 How do you stoke your inner fire? We all have a different answer to this question. Whether it’s overcoming our greatest fears, glowing from the inside out by doing what we love most, practicing our favorite yoga flow, using the Wim Hof breathing method, or setting our …

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Meet Alba Avella – YA Classes Teacher Highlight Series

Every month in our YA Classes Teacher Series, we highlight one of our YA Classes teachers. This month’s teacher highlight is Alba Avella. Alba Avella is an international yoga teacher and dancer with a passion for all forms of movement. Born in New Jersey, she moved to Florida at age …

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Follow These 4 Steps to Get Real Period Pain Relief

Your period pain isn’t “just period pain.” And I’m sure you agree if you’ve had cramps so bad that you can’t even think straight, let alone be present at the office or keep up with your to-do list. Cue the painkillers, hot water bottles, and lots of down time at …

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Nitro Reunion & New Home

Nitro Reunion & New Home Here is the scene when Tina went to reunite with Nitro at his graduation – as well as Nitro in his new abode…. So Tina went up to NY to the CCI center, and here below is her reunion with Nitro.   Then they got …

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Here’s Why Your Genes May Be Causing Your Anxiety

Many of you sought out yoga to help decrease anxiety in your life. Focusing on breathing, posture, and fluidity during yoga helps to decrease cortisol (your stress hormone), allowing your body to feel at peace. Unfortunately, some of you may still be looking for the magical yoga class that melts …

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The Best Free Yoga Videos for May 2019 • Yoga Basics

Online Yoga Resource and News

After undergoing plenty of April showers, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are feeling more than ready for all the flowers May will bring. May is a colorful time, full of new blooms and excitement as we shift into the summer season. While summer spells relaxation for some, it …

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Prenatal Yoga Center | Exploring Birthing From Within

15 May Exploring Birthing From Within If only there was a way to script out your “ideal” birth and be guaranteed the experience unfolds in that exact manner. Unfortunately, that’s impossible. However, many of us try to overly plan and seldom allow ourselves to relinquish the illusion of control over …

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