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Vegan Chickpea Salad Recipe: Your New Favorite Lunch

When you kick animal products to the curb, your diet stands to lose a lot of saturated fat, cholesterol, and icky antibiotics and hormones. Not to mention, you embrace a more compassionate and environmentally friendly lifestyle. One thing you don’t say goodbye to? Flavor and delicious taste! Exhibit A: This …

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Ayurveda Doshas 101: How to Embrace Your Vata Dosha

Let’s talk about Ayurveda doshas. There are three main doshas, or constitutions, that we are made up of – according to Ayurveda. You may have heard of these doshas already: vata, pita, and kapha. In this article, we will discuss what it means to have a vata dosha so you …

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What You Need To Know

First of all, don’t panic. Read that one again. Don’t panic. Yoga Alliance has been on track to create new certification standards and has released their update. Here is what you need to know to stay on track. Your Timeline New Yoga Alliance applicants: New 200 Applicants: You will have …

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A Portrait of Volunteering: Environmental activism in Kenya

A Portrait of Volunteering: Environmental Activism in Kenya We all have the urge to help – especially when it comes to key issues like ecological balance and the environment. The question then becomes how. Not only do we need to know the issues but also who is effective and successful …

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7 Lesser Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

Have you been plagued by anxiety? Trouble sleeping lately? Maybe it’s that constant nagging neck and shoulder pain. Have you been thinking about massage but just can’t seem to justify it? Then there is good news. The benefits of massage therapy run so much deeper than just “a relaxing day …

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Love Yourself! How Self-Love Creates Healthy Relationships

Relationships are the most significant and challenging experience we encounter in this thing called life. Yet, they are also the most rewarding. Every aspect of life revolves around relationships. When I say “relationship,” I do not just mean with a romantic partner (if we have one). We have relationships with …

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