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The Roundup! Star Signs and Dennis Rodman • Yoga Basics

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Just in time for Gemini season, this month’s yoga news roundup is a delightful cornucopia of yoga news on a variety of topics. Find a conversation starter with Forbes’ guide to the best yoga post for your zodiac sign, then learn how to decompress from stressful days at work. Gain …

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Prenatal Yoga Center | An Ancient Map For Modern Birth

22 May An Ancient Map For Modern Birth Welcome to part two of the Birthing From Within focused podcasts. Recently, I embarked on the path to becoming a Birthing From Within Mentor. The process to becoming a mentor is multilayered but starts with a weekend intensive course called Crossing the …

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A Guide to the Zodiac Signs: Gemini the Twins

Gemini is the twin of the zodiac and the only human representation of all the 12 zodiac signs. The Gemini sign is known to be charismatic, intelligent, adaptable, and communicative. This sign of expression loves to talk and likely got in trouble all through school for it. Duality is the …

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Trauma-Informed Yoga Helps Survivors of Abuse Heal • Yoga Basics

When it comes to trauma recovery, support from the community is essential. Community resources that support survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse, like trauma-informed yoga programs, can be life-saving. Not only is yoga well-known to have therapeutic benefits due to its ability to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, but …

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6 Rules for Mindful Communication + Conflict Resolution

Any conflict has the potential for a constructive outcome when approached with mindful intent and mindful communication. The Chinese character for crisis represents a combination of the symbols for danger and opportunity. Because conflicts are often about what you value and care about most, it’s not surprising that conflicts with …

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