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Positive Thinking

Love is the Most Powerful Force

Love is the Most Powerful Force Google Adsense may use cookies to personalize their ads and analyze our traffic. Positivity Post itself does not collect or share personal information. By clicking OKAY, or continuing to use our website in any form or manner, you are consenting to our cookies. If …

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5 Signs of A “Real” Positive Person

positive person

I used to think that a positive person was someone who just said positive things to placate those around them.  It seemed like an insincere and almost patronizing way of dealing with an “end-of-the-world” scenario.  After all, if they really understood how devastating the situation was, how could they be …

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Science Explains 5 Reasons People Get Red skin


When it comes to skin redness, there are a variety of things that can contribute to the condition including burns, allergic reactions, infections, and certain health problems. Skin redness, in some cases, can be resolved with common over-the-counter medication; however, there are times when medical attention is required. In this …

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