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Positive Thinking

Weekly Positivity – June 17th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day weekend. I did, my dad came to visit and bought me a gift! What a great dad, since it was “his weekend”.Today’s quote comes to us from Dr. Phil and he says: “Change can come in either of two …

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The Wooden Bowl

We reap what we sow. That is a very powerful truth, but one we often forget. If we sow bad seeds, we reap a bitter, unpalatable crop. Knowing this, why do we so often fall into the same old trap of sowing harmful seeds? I love stories with a moral …

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7 Signs A Muscle Cramp Means Something Worse »


Muscle cramps aren’t exactly unusual. You get them from overexerting yourself, from carrying heavy weights, and even just from sitting, standing, or sleeping in an awkward position. But sometimes, a muscle cramp isn’t the real issue. It’s just a symptom of a bigger, more serious problem. If that’s the case, …

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