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20 Foods That Relieve Constipation

Power of Positivity

Constipation is very real for many people but is rarely discussed openly. What most people fail to understand is that a basic shift in their diet can eliminate these constipated feelings forever. Foods to Relieve Constipation We really are what we eat. The foods we consume can either build us …

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10 Herbs and Spices That Heal Your Body »

gluten free grains

The addition of spices and herbs that heal your body has been an ever-increasing interest in the United States.  This is in part due to the high cost of medications and the realization that current medications have severe side effects which are almost as deadly as what they are treating. …

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10 Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

someone thinking about you

It’s flattering to imagine someone thinking about you. There’s something comforting about knowing you’re on someone else’s mind, especially if there’s a special someone you’re hoping has you running through their head. Naturally, you’d want to know if that’s happening! Of course, there are other reasons someone might be thinking …

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