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Cosmologist and Saxophonist Stephon Alexander Reads “Explaining Relativity” by Astronomer and Poet Rebecca Elson – Brain Pickings

When Einstein radicalized science with his general theory of relativity, the fulcrum of which shifted our understanding of reality more profoundly than anything since the Copernican reordering of the universe, he had made several daring leaps of the informed imagination to demonstrate that space and time are interwoven into a …

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When You Work Until You Burn Out

When you’re determined to make something of yourself, nothing you do is ever enough. It doesn’t matter how many hours you spent working because you never feel comfortable taking a break. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve been pushing yourself, because you still feel like you haven’t been doing enough. …

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Friends Don’t Touch Like This

The sun is slipping beyond the city skyline. You’re sat close to me but we don’t touch. That was part of the deal. It’s warm out, so warm everything feels close on my skin. You pour champagne into plastic cups and we ‘cheers’ against the backdrop of trees tops and …

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