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The Great 19th-Century Biologist and Anatomist Thomas Huxley on Darwin’s Legacy and What Makes Us Human – Brain Pickings

“The quality of a civilisation,” Iris Murdoch insisted in her sublimely insightful “Salvation by Words,” “depends upon the scope and purity of its language.” Two decades later, in becoming the first black woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, Toni Morrison bellowed elemental truth from the Stockholm podium in …

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Keats on Compassion – Brain Pickings

“Have compassion for everyone you meet,” Lucinda Williams sings in the gorgeous song based on her father’s poem of the same title, “You do not know / What wars are going on / Down there, where the spirit meets the bone.” A generation earlier, the psychologist turned pioneering sculptor Anne …

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Take A Risk On Love

When you take a risk on love, you’re saying screw you to all of the people who hurt you in the past. You’re making it clear the baggage they brought you hasn’t anchored you down. It hasn’t broken your spirit. Taking a risk on love proves you’re strong enough to …

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