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All The Things That Scare Me About Growing Up

Marrying my job. Marrying a job that belongs to someone else. Treading water through my twenties. Just exerting all this energy to stay afloat. Never moving forward or back. Just existing right above the surface. Marrying someone who wears a suit every day and only believes in stability and carefully …

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10 Things Successful People Regularly Do

What is your personal definition of success? Have you bought into what everyone else thinks is success? The meaning of success will be different for every person, including yourself! Get clear on your own idea of success, and when you do, you may then find many of the following tips, …

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What Are Your Life Choices And Illusions?

Eldon Taylor’s International and New York Times best selling book, Choices and Illusions, states that “the real meaning in life comes from what you give, not from what you take… that the “warm fuzzy feeling” we derive from a true service experience, going to the aid of another in need, …

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Wisdom For Everyday Life Video

Wisdom For Everyday Life is an inspirational video with 15 quotes about life. Here’s the list of quotes used in the two and a half minute motivational video for you… By the way… When you click on any of the quote images, below, they’ll open up to full size with …

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