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Mindfulness of the Breath – One Mind Dharma

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018) This is a guided meditation on mindfulness of the breath. We will start with a few minutes of concentration practice, using the breath as the object of awareness. We then will open the awareness to include mindfulness of breath in other parts of the …

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Meditation and Anxiety – About Meditation

Meditation and Anxiety

It is becoming more widely known that a meditation practice can be helpful in curbing anxiety. Anxiety generally comes in two forms – a fear-based resistance to some deeper feelings that are arising, and projecting past pain onto the unknown of the future. With practice, meditation can be a powerful …

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The Mindful Guide to Sleeping Better

We could all use more sleep.  Most of us are pushed to keep going, going, going to produce more, more, more.  Sleep is usually portrayed as some kind of necessary evil, to be reduced to as little time as possible. While it’s “common knowledge” that we all need eight hours …

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Grateful for Difficulties… Most of the Time

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018) I sat down in front of my computer yesterday to video chat with my meditation teacher JoAnna Hardy. She asked me how my practice was going and I told her that it was alright, I was sitting semi-regularly, but my meditations kept getting interrupted. …

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Practicing Mindful Communication in Your Life

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2018) Mindfulness is not just for the meditation cushion where we are silent. We can bring it to daily life in many ways, engaging with the world with awareness and care. One way we can do this is through the practice of mindful communication. Like …

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Gratitude Meditation – One Mind Dharma

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2018) This meditation is a guided meditation on gratitude. Although this is not a traditional practice, it is useful. Using the tool of meditation, we can cultivate a mind and heart that are inclined toward appreciation of ourselves and those around us. For more meditations …

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[New Audio Meditation] Infuse Your Life with Gratitude

Gratitude Meditation

The power of gratitude is no secret. When practiced regularly, gratitude and meditation have tremendous physical and emotional benefits. Plus, evidence now suggests that when many people suddenly pay attention to the same thing, shifts in collective consciousness occur. Use this meditation to infuse more gratitude into your life. You will …

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How to Do Less and Achieve Success

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…” – Theodore Roosevelt That’s one way of looking at things. The less popular theory, especially in the U.S., is do less to achieve more. Neither is 100% right or wrong. Strike a balance. Be …

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