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How Does Mindful Meditation Affect Your Brain –

Mindfulness and Brain

  Mindfulness and Brain How is it possible to make changes to our brain? Instead of going online or playing another game on your phone, try quieting down your mind. Not possible instantly! However, try to pay attention to your thoughts and remain passive without reacting. Research over the years …

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You Might Die Tomorrow with Kate Manser

Kate Manser is so happy to be alive. Here’s her story. In 2013, Kate’s 27-year old manager at Google and her 27-year old college friend died in unrelated, unexpected tragedies. It shocked and terrified her, and she developed a fear of death that began to take over her life: she …

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Tom Hanks and the Afternoon Crash

The Event: The David Lynch Foundation’s (DLF) annual benefit dinner and gala honored General (ret.) Stephen Rippe and Ken Falke, founder of Boulder Crest Retreat, with the DLF 2017 Resilient Warrior Awards. The evening featured musical entertainment from Grammy-Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari, and a conversation with Tom Hanks and Mary-Louise …

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How To Speak With Confidence When You’re Really Nervous

When dealing with anxiety and stress, one question you could ask yourself is ‘why does it matter’? Why does it really matter if people can tell that you’re anxious? Does it really matter if you’re understandably nervous during a big presentation or event? The answer is probably not but the …

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Start Meditating with these Four Easy Tips

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2018) One of the best things about practicing meditation is that you can experience many of its benefits in the first minute you start. It’s not something that you have to practice for weeks and weeks to notice any changes. However, if you can keep …

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How to Find Your Happiness In the Most Unlikely Place

Society programs us from birth that whatever we have or achieve and whoever we are is never enough.  We’re subconsciously sent on a never-ending quest to accumulate more and better things, find better relationships, make ourselves different and “better,” achieve more goals, more, better, more, better… Every time you achieve …

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