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You Are Already Free – About Meditation

You Are Already Free

For thousands of years the crown jewel of the spiritual quest has been Enlightenment or Spiritual Freedom. Any truly liberated soul will tell you that you are already awake. The big cosmic joke that is revealed to us at the end of years of tireless seeking is that what we …

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How to Ease Conflict with your Loved Ones

I have a family member I dearly love who is, well, very difficult to talk to. When we talk, it’s stilted. Tense. Heartbreaking. Everything I have tried has made it worse. I strategize and plan. I try to be closer or I try to put distance between us. I stick …

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OM072: What’s Your Morning Routine?

How do you start your day? Do you take time to cultivate the conditions for success and thriving, whatever that looks like for you? It’s an important question and one that I think about a lot. I am a huge fan of morning routines. And the thing is, if you’re …

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Your Breath Is a Powerful Ally

The Breath

One of the most common meditation instructions is to “focus on your breath.” Why? One way of breaking down meditation is into meditation with seed and meditation without seed. Let’s look at how the breath can play into both of these approaches. Meditation With Seed In this form of meditation, …

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Do You Know What You’re Thinking?

OM73 Do you know what you

Have you ever paid attention to the way you think? Have you ever noticed that your thinking is often repetitive or unoriginal? One of the biggest things meditation can help you with is becoming aware of your habits of thought. Through regular and consistent practice, we slowly but surely lift …

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Does Meditation Still Matter?

A few years ago, I adopted a small library of spiritual books from a friend of mine. When I asked him why he was getting rid of all these amazing tomes he told me that he didn’t feel that meditation and spiritual practice was relevant given the state of the …

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I Almost Died. Meditation Was (and IS) My Anchor.

Love Time Death Meditation Journaling

This is my fifth year of keeping a formal journal. Along with meditation and marathon running, daily journaling is one of my core spiritual practices. My day-to-day experience can often feel like a roller coaster of soaring heights and crashing lows. But after recently reading through four years of entries, it looked more …

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Meditation Made Easy – About Meditation

Can you learn to do nothing at all? In my work I really try to make meditation as easy as possible for everyone. That is not because I lack appreciation for the profound depth and profundity of this practice – in fact quite the opposite. I realize that true meditation …

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How to Boost your Meditation with Embodiment

Are you in your body? Pause and examine your experience. Right now. Before reading further. I don’t mean that I want a catalog of your sensations, your thoughts and emotions. Observing and cataloging is one way to connect with your somatic experience. It’s a core technique in many mindfulness practices. …

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