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Australian town implements brilliant solution to reduce the problem of plastic waste

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It may be a hard pill to swallow, but the fact is that our environment is currently at its worst state. The world’s massive plastic waste problem persists, but the good thing is, more and more groups and governments are doing their part in addressing it.

This town in Australia is fully aware of this global dilemma, and its local government has found a rather simple solution that will help lessen the environmental damage caused by plastic waste.

plastic waste solution

Storm Water Systems

To protect the local environment from contamination, the authorities in the city of Kwinana put in a makeshift filtration system by installing large nets over the drain pipes in the spillways. Its job is to catch any garbage that comes through with the water that flows in it.

Once the nets fill up with trash and debris, they are removed and the collected filth is thrown into trash collecting trucks, which then transports it to a sorting center where everything that can be recycled is preserved and sorted further.

The overall quality of the nets is highly durable, and it is guaranteed that it won’t break down with the passage of time.

plastic waste solution

Storm Water Systems

Carol Adams, the city mayor, elaborated on how the nets work in a blog post:

“The nets are placed on the outlet of two drainage pipes, which are located between residential areas and natural areas. This allows the nets to capture the gross pollutants carried by stormwater from the local road network before those pollutants are discharged and contaminate the natural environment at the downstream end of the outlet area.”

As a trial, the local government first installed two drainage nets in Henley Reserve. Trash washed away in heavy rains usually get pulled into the city’s drainage systems and end up polluting the ecosystem. But with the filtration system in place, the city reported a reduction in the amount of litter flowing into the natural areas. In only a couple of weeks, the nets have collected more than 800 pounds of debris.

Since the trial yielded promising results, the authorities decided to install the nets in the entire city to significantly minimize the amount of litter and pollution. The outcome has been nothing short of impressive and the local population is very happy with it. The only downside to all of this is that the two nets cost a little under $20,000.

However, that amount is much less than what it would have cost the town if they hired a maintenance team to manually remove trash from the reserve.

plastic waste solution

Storm Water Systems

What an amazing project! With all the attention that this initiative is getting, let’s hope that more and more countries get inspired by it and adapt it in their own localities.

The amount of waste in our oceans and landfills is at an all-time high, and it is now more than ever that we – as stewards of this earth – become more conscious of the ways in which we can reduce our environmental footprint.

Photos courtesy of: Storm Water Systems

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