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Artist’s works mistaken for Van Gogh work, so she owned it!

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Aja Trier is a talented fine artist whose works recently went viral for appearing closely alike with Vincent van Gogh paintings.

Since 2003, Aja has been a full-time artist who launched her own business, Sagittarius Gallery, during the same year. She attended college at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts with a concentration in painting from 2001-2003.


Sagittarius Gallery

Her fascination with Vincent van Gogh paintings began at an early age.

“We had a lot of art boovaks in the house when I was young, so I am sure the first time I saw a van Gogh was through them. The first time I saw one in person was on a college trip to NYC in 2001,” she told Bored Panda.

What she loves about the art legend’s works is its “energy and flow”.

“The thick strokes – I love being able to see the artist’s fingerprint in the art through their mark making. You can almost follow with your eyes the movements their hand made,” she said.

Aja says that she’s always painted in an impressionist manner, but she didn’t think that her works looked a lot like van Gogh paintings. In 2011, she painted an Eiffel Tower piece she called “Seine”. People started sharing it on Pinterest with the caption “Eiffel Tower by van Gogh”.

In another incident, the artist came across a French educational blog that had an article promoting a trip around Paris to see some Vincent Van Gogh works and locations. Surprised, she saw one of her paintings in the article – again, someone mistook her work as one of Van Gogh’s.

And that’s where it all began.

Though she tried correcting people, she found it almost impossible when things have been disseminated to such an extent.

Now, Aja is paying tribute to The Starry Night painting by incorporating her own style to it by adding dogs!

Scroll through the photo gallery below to witness Aja’s incredible painting style.

1. Looking up the sky.


Aja Trier

2. Corgi pals.


Aja Trier

3. Best friends.


Aja Trier

4. In full bloom.


Aja Trier

5. Dreamy.


Aja Trier

6. Ethereal.


Aja Trier

7. Piercing eyes.


Aja Trier

8. Beautiful night sky.


Aja Trier

9. White blooms.


Aja Trier

10. Aurora Borealis.


Aja Trier

11. The fields.


Aja Trier

12. Vivid hues.


Aja Trier

You may visit the following pages to see more of Aja Trier’s works: Website | Facebook | Instagram

You may also purchase Aja’s creations on her Etsy store.

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