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A Week in Images

A Week in Images

Here are are few of the many scenes from the past week – some are part of the “Outside Challenge” and others images of interest….

Outside Challenge

Going to grandma’s house never used to be quite this adventurous – but this is not your typical grandma. Be ready for steep trails, mean mountain biking, and black bears roaming the backyard. But for this young yogi, it is all part of the norm, and he handles it with his usual poise. So off to grandma’s we go!!!

Next up, Kathy G teaches us a little about R & R, Florida style. Enjoy every minute Kathy, because our Maryland weather (& life schedule) will never be quite as accommodating!!!


Nitro on the Job

Here is Nitro at work at the Little Keswick School in Virginia. Nitro’s calming and reassuring presence helps these learners overcome challenges and obstacles. After a long day at work, Nitro returns home to his loving family of 5. A big shout out to Tina who is 2 for 2 in successfully raising and placing service dogs in the community. Her 100% success rate dwarfs the national average of 40%!! And yes, we would like to think that all of Nitro’s many dozens of yoga classes played a role in his development as well. Finally, ol’ Nitro’s basic inclination and joy was to go close to people – “the closer the better” was always his motto.

Salad & Herbs

Got our first delivery of local, organic produce this week, and here is but one of the many meals prepared:

Massive salad in a huge pot. #1: steamed, mashed tofu in ginger, cumin, black pepper & turmeric base. #2: once warmed then add ground flax seed and nutritional yeast. #3: add finely chopped kale mixed in so it gets half cooked (note stove was already off) #4 finely chopped head of Boston lettuce #5 Diced tomatoes #6 add tahini, dash of sesame oil, sprinkling of spirulina and sea salt, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. All fresh, organic ingredients. Be creative and enjoy summer’s bounty…

Stacy S. has been kind enough to share some mint with me – I shall be planting it “in the yard” (i.e. forest) on Tuesday. Looking forward to having it around!!!

Balance or Else!!

There is a new general in town to oversee everyone’s balance. Beware – he has a short temper, sees absolutely everything, and takes no prisoners. And he leads by example and expects optimal results!!

That’s it for this week’s images. Send us yours – especially with regards to this month’s Outside Challenge


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